Private Equity

Dellin invests in US small and mid cap companies through fund of funds and co-investment funds. It has a strong focus on making direct co-investments (sidecar investments) in collaboration with its strategic partners. Dellin has build up a broad portfolio in various sectors ranging from manufacturing, financial services to oil and gas and health care. 

Early Stage

Dellin Investments is actively working together in the space of early stage investments with Keiretsu Forum Mid Atlantic (New York, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia and Washington DC). It takes an active role in evaluating and selecting early stage companies and focuses on health care and technology. In addition, Dellin frequently participates in or leads due diligence teams and is represented on the board of various portfolio companies. 

Search Funds

Dellin’s investment philosophy is fully aligned with the principles of search fund investing: to invest in smart young talented entrepreneurs and to actively support them to acquire, manage and grow a business. Dellin takes an active role in evaluating and selecting search funds. It also helps search funds in their search process, during due diligence, closing of deals, managing and growing the company and at exiting the company. Dellin is represented on advisory boards in search fund of funds and holds board seats at various portfolio companies.

Besides investments in search fund of funds, Dellin also invests directly in search funds and makes co-investments.